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Facebook Create Negative Experiences for People

I have a very negative experience in using facebook advertising.

The purpose of this post, to show marketers how Facebook, for no reason, can ban their account.

To begin with, I have been using this type of advertising for a long time. And already spend about 4 thousand dollars on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads spent

The last active advertising campaign on my account brought 2529 registrations. And about $ 1,300 was spent on it. And I never had a problem with her.

The Facebook rules say that if an ad violates any rules, it will be reported to the email.

Facebook rules

The rules can be viewed at the link — https://www.facebookblueprint.com/uploads/resource_courses/targets/380105/original/index.html

So, for this ad, I never received a warning email.

I remind you that the advertising campaign worked for almost a year, and I did not receive a warning email on it. Recently, only this campaign was active. Therefore, the reason for the ban account could only be in this advertising campaign.

And so I get messages that my account is banned.

I began to correspond with support so that they would tell me the reason for the ban account, but they did not. All I got is a standard message with errors as well.

Facebook ads errors

Therefore, I believe that Facebook ads Create Negative Experiences for Marketers.

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