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My volunteering and ministry in the church

I believed in Jesus Christ at age 10 and was baptized at age 18. Since then, I have been involved in various church ministries.

Now I serve as a Sunday school teacher in the New Life church in Cherkasy, and I take part in street evangelism.

Street evangelism

Street evangelism on the pier

Periodically, I preach in the church.
Sermon in the church

Sermon in the church

Sermon in the church

Sermon in the church

God made it possible to take part in some local television broadcasts.



I have an experience on Facebook ads for Christian events.

Inviting residents of the city to the feast of the Birth of Jesus Hirst. The festive event was organized by the Christian churches of the city.

Thanksgiving Celebration.

Celebration of family day. The celebration was held by city churches.
Celebration of Family Day

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